Millage Totals for Allegheny County

I got a couple of guesses on the highest millage on Facebook. One person guessed Mt. Lebanon and one person guessed Wilkinsburg. Wilkinsburg is correct! It is the highest of all the municipalities.

Here are the top 10 highest:

We used to live in Mt. Lebanon and people always think Mt. Lebanon taxes are one of the highest but they are actually 45th on the list! They have lower real estate taxes than both Upper St. Clair and Dormont.

The lowest real estate taxes in Allegheny County (other than the city of Pittsburgh) are McCandless.

Here are the 10 lowest:

I have the full spreadsheet embedded below, highest to lowest. I included the school district for each in the spreadsheet because that can be helpful too when looking in different areas for a home.

The millages change year to year a bit but this is the most up to date information available now.

And here is a link to the actual spreadsheet in case that is helpful.

Are you surprised by the results? I was when I put all of the information together.

My next post is going to be about different kinds of mortgages that are available. Conventional, FHA, VA, down payment choices, PMI, MIP. All sorts of acronyms 🙂

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